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Digital video for professional researchers  
A practical beginners’ videocourse
Duration: 6 days
(plus some free time for the individual filming assignment)

Target: To make short videos, documentary reports and research film, to learn how to handle a digital video camera and how to compose and edit your own video film with a computer editing program. The course includes viewings of documentary examples, from classic to contemporary, with an emphasis on social science fieldwork and cinema vérité.
Cameras and editing facilities are provided. (1 set per 2 participants).  

Foundation Vista Far Reaching Visuals

Entry limit:
4 (min) – 12 (max) students
Entry fee:
€650,- Euro per person, technical facilities and VAT included
Lecturers (English spoken):
Bruce Gray began working in the entertainment industry as a teenager in North Hollywood, California. He was active in various studios as cameraman, lighting director, actor and writer. He graduated from the University of Denver and in addition to film and television work, he was involved in various theater productions in the U.S. and Europe. In 1970 he joined the Department of Theater Science at the University of Amsterdam. He was in charge of the University Theater and developed the study of Theatrical Media which eventually became the present department of Media and Culture. Since his retirement from the university he has continued to work in various film, television and theater productions.

Jean Hellwig graduated as a visual anthropologist at the University of Amsterdam and worked as an independent filmmaker and media producer since 1989. His work as a director focuses on cross-cultural documentary filming for Dutch as well as international television channels. He also works as an editor and cameraman and produced several drama productions as well as international multimedia.
Recommended Literature:
Barbash, I. (1997) Cross-cultural filmmaking, University of California Press.
Time: 09:15 – 12:30 & 13:30 – 17:00
Day 1 Tuesday
Introduction: History and future of anthropological film; Handling the camera; Theatrical media
Day 2 Wednesday
Vox Pops examples; Practical camera assignments, screenings and discussions
Day 3 Thursday
Documentary viewings; Tips for filming; Non-linear editing explanation; Weekend assignments & equipment
Day 4 Monday
Logging & capturing; Editing
Day 5 Tuesday
Editing & mastering
Day 6 Wednesday
Screening individual assignments; Post-production and distribution; Evaluation

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